For those that haven’t heard, I want to share some exciting news,




to a larger, more comfortable and more accessible space in the soon to open Embassy Suites on the corner of Union Ave and Gay St. Our last service will be New Year’s Eve, 2018. Ideally we’d have a seamless transition, however, our current lease expires at the end of the year and the timeline of a MAJOR construction project indicate that re-opening will likely be months into 2019. We’ve forged so many deep relationships with our guests, farmers and staff in our current home and we’re so incredibly grateful for the support of our Knoxville Community has offered us! So come see us again in December and bid us a fond farewell until we reopen. During the break please visit our sister restaurants, Emilia and Paysan Bread and Bagels. It’s been a lifelong dream realized and a singular pleasure to serve you on the 100 Block for the last 6 years and we SINCERELY look forward to serving you down the street soon!! - with Eternal Gratitude, Matt